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Report writing is an essential skill for professionals in almost every field. A report aims to inform, clearly and concisely. It should be easy to read, and professional in its presentation. Exactly what you include in your report and how you present it will vary according to your field and the specific purpose of the report. Participants on this programme will understand the purpose of writing reports, master all the stages of report writing and use an appropriate style of writing. They will learn to condense and focus information, draw objective findings from detailed data and approach each report in a planned and focused way.


Making meetings successful to the extent that attendees look forward to the next one is any manager’s objective. Intra-organisational communication suffers when there are too many meetings that are unproductive and unnecessary, unfocused and repetitive or just too long and seem to go nowhere. This programme will show participants how to take charge, create enthusiasm and energy and make every meeting matter.


This programme is designed to help participants project a more professional image during all telephone interactions. Participants will explore techniques in managing a telephone conversation and the importance of recording key points and ensuring that all telephone interactions are handled in line with the company’s standards.


Do people respond to your emails in the way you want them to? Do they ignore them, or miss important information? Are you sure that you’re making the best possible impression with your emails? This programme will provide simple tips for composing email messages that are clear, concise, responsive and that make a positive impression. It will look into using e-mails effectively and efficiently, with both external and internal clients, along with some common pitfalls regarding why some e-mails do not work.


Being successful at the place of work is about technical knowledge as much as it is about presenting oneself as professional, communicating effectively, networking and having good conflict management skills. Good workplace etiquette can positively impact the atmosphere at the workplace reducing conflicts and increasing productivity, and enabling employees to thrive professionally. This programme will provide insights and skills of how to encourage good workplace etiquette and how to set an example.


This programme is designed for those who present ideas in writing and want to overcome the barriers to successful written communication and increase productivity through clear and specific messages. During this programme, participants will learn proven business writing skills and practice them to perfection. Participants will overcome ‘writer’s block’, learn to recognise and avoid common mistakes and acquire tried and tested techniques for delivering information powerfully, persuasively and professionally.


During this programme participants will understand the meaning of business ethics, the ethical responsibilities and obligations of an organisation and of individuals and why it is important to conduct business ethically especially in today’s challenging environment. Today more than ever, customers expect and demand integrity, honesty and transparency. Addressing these expectations will enable organisations to communicate core values to employees and to society at large.