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GasanMamo engaged the Think Talent team to carry out training for Management and Middle Management. The programme that was proposed by Think Talent worked extremely well, over an extended period with no less than 12 sessions. The value added in terms of refreshed focus, team building and increased energy levels was impressive. The ability to translate management theory into practical and personal scenarios was of great benefit to participants and the feedback received was extremely encouraging. Delivery was excellent and content in the sessions was highly relevant and I am certain that our investment in this training was a sound one.

I would not hesitate to recommend Think Talent.

Julian Mamo BA
Managing Director – GasanMamo Insurance Ltd 


At GasanMamo we strongly believe that our personnel are our most valuable asset. We nurture our employees and strive to provide a positive working environment with regular training being a feature in their working lives. For this purpose, during the past years we have teamed up with ThinkTalent to help us achieve our goals. We have found ThinkTalent’s services to be highly professional and based on a wealth of experience. ThinkTalent's consultants have helped us to develop and provide custom made programmes in soft skills to our employees that target our particular requirements. The training that ThinkTalent delivered has made a real difference to our organisation and to our customers.

Mario Farrugia
Administration Manager – GasanMamo Insurance Ltd.

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We have approached ThinkTalent to deliver a tailored training programme for our organisation. Joe, Beverly & Patrick all proved to be fantastic trainers. The activities used during the training sessions were very practical and enlightening. The sessions are informative and fun whilst also giving ample room for discussion. We intend to make use of their professional services again. We definitely recommend ThinkTalent to organisations who are seeking to develop and motivate their people.

Michelle Fenech Seguna
Director of Human Resources

Mariola Matyszkiewicz
Training Manager – Westin Dragonara Resort

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ThinkTalent was hired to provide Team Building coaching during a full day seminar that our company Eyetech Ltd, organised during the month of June 2013. The overall feedback from employees was very good and we personally recommend ThinkTalent if you need the knowledge, skill and understanding of your organisation, being an SME or bigger.

Patrick Cutajar
Managing Director - Eyetech Ltd.

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Vodafone Malta has been partnering with ThinkTalent for the last two years to meet many of our learning and development needs particularly in the areas of Sales Management and Leadership. The overall result has been more than we negotiated for. ThinkTalent has contributed to the continued success of our business, both with our people, and customers. ThinkTalent have proved to be very professional, holistic in their approach and thorough, leaving no stone unturned to ensure its client benefits entirely from the learning and development process. Through our association with ThinkTalent, we have seen an improvement in our employees' performance and the organisation as a whole. Our performance has gone from good to great, enabling us to embark on new challenging initiatives with confidence. ThinkTalent's charisma in providing innovative and customised learning solutions has made a difference in our organisation and in our teams. We have departments with a stronger team spirit and this has been a catalyst for growth. Our people are motivated to take on new projects, venturing into unknown areas for the success of the organisation as a whole. ThinkTalent has provided learning solutions of high quality, delivering value, immediate impact and long term viability. This together with excellent support, always going the extra mile to ensure the best service provision. I strongly recommend ThinkTalent Ltd as a solid and reliable partner. We look forward to our continued partnership with ThinkTalent Ltd.

Joseph Cuschieri
Chief Commercial Officer – Vodafone Malta


We had the pleasure of working with Thinktalent on a number of occasions, including Sales Programmes for our Sales Team and Customer Facing teams. The programmes have always been flexibly designed to meet our learning objectives and company culture and this I believe is a key element to the success of the programmes. The impact on the participants was a higher level of engagement,  increased self-awareness and a more confident approach in rapport building and solution selling to our customers’

Claire Mifsud
Learning & Development Senior Executive - Vodafone Malta Limited

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PEAK has proven to be an excellent opportunity for the executive team to have focused and facilitated discussions on specific and relevant issues. This led to a better common understanding of our vision and improved trust and open- ness. Ultimately we are a more effective leadership team that is able to take the organisation towards the growth and change we anticipate. Furthermore, the one on one coaching sessions gave us the freedom to discuss delicate issues as well as work on professional challenges and personal areas for improvement. Overall the time we have invested together as a team as well as individually in this programme has been a powerful tool in preparing us to deliver together at the next level. 

Winston J Zahra
Chief Executive Officer – Island Hotels Group Holdings plc, Malta 


ThinkTalent has become a key training partner of Island Hotels Group as over the years we have used their expertise in training and development in various areas. One of our most successful programmes called “Skills for Life” has shown clear positive changes in a large number of people in our management team and the programme still runs regularly today now that it is in its fourth intake. We also collaborate with ThinkTalent on a variety of other training programmes, be it Team Building events, Sales related programmes and shortly we will start a new programme of one on one Coaching for key members of the Team. The experience and positive synergy enjoyed by Patrick, Joe & Beverly gives ThinkTalent an excellent blend of attributes which in my opinion makes them one of the leaders in training and development on the island.

Christina Galea
HR Director – Island Hotels Group

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We used the services of ThinkTalent for the first time for a teambuilding event and immediately decided to use their services again. All was well prepared when we arrived on site and due to time constraints from our side, they were flexible enough to make last minute changes to the programme which went very well. The learning outcomes from the team building exercises carried out, included the importance of good leadership, planning, listening and co-ordination between the team members, amongst others.   

Emidio Friggieri
General Manager - Adpro Instruments

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Following the successful development and implementation of a staff performance management system for Farsons Group we deployed the system within Quintano Foods.  Think Talent have provided their assistance in training all employees and a more intensive training programme was developed for the company’s management team. 

What I liked most about Think Talent trainers is their practical hands-on approach.  Throughout the training programme their emphasis was more on developing and nurturing talent on a day-to-day basis rather than having an annual form-filling exercise. Very valuable insights were shared on how to manage for better performance in a sustainable manner and this left a very positive impact on all managers who participated in the training.

Working with the Think Talent team on this project was an enriching experience and we look forward to further assignments in the future.  

Claudio Farrugia
General Manager - Quintano Foods

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The Think Talent team were assigned the task of providing quality, communication and leadership support to our employees in Libya and to our senior employees in Malta. We were pleasantly impressed by the dedication and committed approach of the individuals leading these courses who conducted the training and coaching both locally and overseas in a manner whereby we achieved effective employee participation and ‘buy in’ without fail. We have extended our relationship with Think Talent to one which is on-going within our Group such that we can continue to develop and empower our people to grow within our forward looking organisation. We believe we can only be as good as our employees are and Think Talent understand this and have been instrumental in supporting us in achieving our vision and strategy by promoting people development across all levels within the SJH Group.

Jean Claude Muscat
Director - International Operations - Saint James Hospital Group

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In 2010 I needed to re-structure the company from top to bottom and naturally one of the hardest things to achieve in an organisation is culture change.  ThinkTalent were part of my strategy I used to achieve my goal and quite frankly it turned out to be a very efficient tool indeed.  In practice they worked out a programme for personal self-development that first focused on creating a psychological profile of each individual and then used this tool to generate self-awareness with each individual. They worked hard at earning the trust of my staff and used a questioning methodology that challenges the individual’s intellect and also leads people to see for themselves the areas they develop. ThinkTalent have a fantastic approach with people and I could see tangible results a few months down the line following the initial coaching programme whereby my staff changed their attitude, behaviour & their way of thinking. I would like to add that although I am writing this testimonial for ThinkTalent I genuinely believe that the best testimonial can only be given from my staff as they all complimented the work that was carried out with them while they felt empowered to change their perspective and mind set. ThinkTalent made a positive impact on my staff and I will certainly continue building on the coaching sessions I started with ThinkTalent in 2010.

Anton Christina
General Manager – CSL Ltd.

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We choose to work with ThinkTalent because they deliver a professional, custom-made and comprehensive HR package which is hard to find on the local scene. Support in Business and HR strategy, organisational development, employee mentoring and counselling and performance management are key areas where this dynamic, expert yet practical and hard working team have helped to deliver results for us at the Farsons Group. We look forward to enhancing our working relationship with them and wish them every success!

Antoinette Caruana
Group Human Resources Manager – Farsons Group

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ThinkTalent provided us with the benefit of their services for almost a year. Our employees were able to improve their skills through a range of courses including Business English, Leadership Skills and Selling Techniques as well as one-to-one sessions with senior managers. Their teaching and advice was based not simply on sound theory but also years of practical experience in the field of Human Resources. If you want to make the most of your company’s most important asset, its people, then give ThinkTalent a call. 

Len Nolan
Financial Controller – Elektra Ltd.

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